Garage Door Hardware and Curb Appeal

Spring is in the air and your home can greatly benefit from some simple curb appeal tactics. Even if you are not putting your home up for sale anytime soon, there are still plenty of benefits with better curb appeal.

Older properties can come with a host of problems, like lawn issues or shutters that are dull and boring. Landscaping increases the value of your home and shutter hardware and a coat of paint will do wonders for your shutters and the overall look of your home.

Lynn Cove Foundry and Forge, your source for garage door hardware, offers the benefits of better curb appeal.

Outdoor Living Space

If you are one of those families who love to host, then you probably love to host outdoors when the weather is nice. When your house looks good on the outside, you are more than happy to have friends over for parties, barbecues and other gatherings.

You will stand proud at the helm of your BBQ grill while your guests make remarks about how great your house looks with the new shutter and shutter hardware and how the lawn looks so inviting.

Higher Resale Value

Who knew that adding window shutters, a few plants and a coat of paint would get such a nice return on your investment. It might cost you a bit of money to increase your home’s curb appeal, but the added value is well worth it.

Even if you aren’t selling your home, a higher resale value is still a benefit if you plan on refinancing.

Curb Appeal is Inexpensive

It takes a lot of money to finish your basement or remodel your kitchen. You will spend a lot less money adding to your home’s curb appeal. This is especially true if you don’t need to do a lot of fancy landscaping and expensive fixes.

For example, adding new shutters to your home, a few flowers to your garden and a coat of paint on your front door and mailbox will do wonders in how your home looks. And you won’t be spending much money at all.

More Foot Traffic

If you are selling your home, added curb appeal is a must. The better your house looks on the outside, the more people will want to take a good look at the interior. Pictures just won’t do your home justice, nobody is going to make a life-changing decision based on the pictures they see of your home on the internet.

It Will Sell Quicker

It is almost a guarantee that your home will sell a lot quicker with added curb appeal. That well-kept lawn, newly painted front door and fancy garage door hardware will have people battling it out to see who bids the highest for your home.

After all, the whole point of listing your home is to get people to come and take a good look at it.

One simple, easy and inexpensive way to add curb appeal to your home is by buying new hardware for your shutters and garage door. Contact Lynn Cove Foundry and Forge to learn more.